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Set includes:
40 BYN/day

Aputure Light Storm 120d Mark II 5500K  video light - characterized by a color temperature of 5500K, a power of 180 W and high color rendering CRI 96+, TLCI 97 +.

The Aputure Light Storm C120D II is approximately 25% more powerful than the original Light Storm 120d LED 6000K and is a great fill light. The manufacturer recommends using it in video and film production. Additional effects built into the device expand creative possibilities: "Paparazzi", "Salute", "TV", "Lightning", "Effect of a faulty light bulb".

The brightness of the device is smoothly adjustable from 1 to 100% and at the maximum level is equivalent to a 1000 W incandescent lamp, i.e. is - 30,000 lux at 0.5 m. A compatible Fresnel lens Aputure Fresnel Mount can be rented from our rental company, its use will increase the brightness level of the C120D II to 135,000 lux at 0.5 meters.

The lighting is adjusted using the control controller, which simultaneously powers the device, the case provides a mount for V-Mount batteries, as well as a power input for operation from AC 110-240 V. Lighting can be adjusted remotely at a distance of 100 meters using the RC1 remote control (included, frequency 2.4 GHz, groups: A/B/C/D). The DMX512 protocol allows you to include a luminaire in the circuit of a lighting system. The active cooling system with Auto and Force modes has a low noise level. At maximum power, the noise from the fan does not exceed 18 dB (the sound of human breathing). With this equipment, Chris James Rosco Gel Filters from our Irbis Cinema Rental