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Set includes:
40 BYN/day

Aputure Spotlight Modifier 19° - with Spotlight Mount Set with Lens Aputure introduces a new class of video lighting modifiers. When developing the system, the company was guided by the principle "Total control over lighting and its exceptional accuracy in one package." The proposed set consists of a body, 3 lenses that form a light beam with 3 different angles: 19°, 26°, 36° and studio lighting accessories. In the body of the modifier there are slots for installing gobos, additional shutters to create the necessary lighting effects.

The three interchangeable lenses for the Spotlight Mount have been designed with professional lighting in mind. In addition to allowing the LS 120d II floodlight to deliver up to 10 times its original output, this modifier allows the high resolution lenses to produce a uniform beam of light with minimal light leakage at the edges. In this case, the loss of color temperature is less than 200K! The new Spotlight Mount Lens technology minimizes chromatic aberration at the edge of the lighting circle. Compared to similar ellipsoidal fixtures, Spotlight Mount significantly narrows the edging edges - up to 1 mm at a distance of 5 meters.

Like conventional ellipsoidal lights, the Aputure Spotlight Mount modifier also provides interchangeable Aputure 19°, 26° and 36° interchangeable lenses depending on whether you need a wide light pattern or spot light. And by using internal curtains (such as a shutter diaphragm), video makers will be able to control video lighting at the shooting location to the smallest detail!