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15 BYN/day

Battery Charger  6/12V Bosch C3 - Charger 6 / 12V Bosch C3 - Bosch C3 6V / 12V is a portable smart car battery charger and an intelligent start-up charger in one bottle. Can be used with all types of batteries used in cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, etc. The intelligent battery charger from Bosch makes it easy and simple to charge a discharged battery to its original state without the possibility of overcharging. By using this charger you will prolong the life of your battery. Charging with maximum safety Today's cars are equipped with a wide range of electronic devices such as GPS, serious stereo systems, video players, daytime running lights and many other features that put a serious strain on your battery. The best guarantee of reliable starting of your car is regular battery checks, especially in vehicles that are not used all year round, such as motorcycles, convertibles and classic cars. The Bosch battery charger is the first aid for a dead battery. The Bosch starter charger is an intelligent device controlled by an MCU processor. The system is based on feedback and provides excellent charge quality.