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Set includes:
60 BYN/day

PVC inflatable boat Amazonia Anaconda 390 Pro - a boat for fishing and water trips on large and medium rivers and lakes. Even with a heavy load, it has good wave germination and excellent control. For a comfortable ride, motors of 10-30 hp are suitable for her. Boat cylinders gradually narrow towards the bow, due to which the space inside the boat is noticeably increased.

ANACONDA 390 PRO is produced from high-quality pvc material with a density of 1100 g/m2 in gray color. By prior order, some elements of the boat can be made of PVC of a different color (bow top, bow, cones, lyktroses, splash guards. These are options and are paid extra! ANACONDA 390 PRO  has a functional basic package that includes: anchor eye and roller, 2 rings for hookers or cages, 4 handles for moving the boat, two handles for the pilot, 4 handles for front passengers, an emergency pressure relief valve. sides with PVC fabric in the color of the boat.On top of the transom, two kerchief-splash guards are glued, which are additional reinforcement for the transom holders.

For more precise adjustment of the outboard motor in height, a stainless steel plate is installed on the transom - OPTION Under the motors with a power of 15-20 hp with one person, the A 390 PRO confidently travels 39-41 km / h. The floor for the A 390 PRO is made of moisture-resistant plywood 12 m thick m and is assembled through aluminum thorn-groove profiles, has stringers with a reciprocal Z-profile. Packed in two convenient envelope bags.