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Set includes:
45 BYN/day

Inflatable boat Kolibri KM-300 - a compact and easy-to-use keel boat with rich fittings. Made in the classic form of Hummingbird keel boats - the bow has the shape of a trapezoid, and the ends of the cylinders are made in the form of cones. Thanks to a fairly large width of 160 cm and a wide bow, Hummingbird KM300D has earned the title of one of the most spacious boats in its length.

Hard deck Kolibri KM300 - team, consists of four floorboards. The material of the payol is moisture-resistant marine plywood, and the thickness is 12 mm. Each of the floor sections is connected using a metal profile, and at the final stage of assembly, the central floorboards are additionally fixed with side stiffeners. The floor surface has a corrugated structure to prevent slipping when water enters.

With the help of movable couplings, the reach and inclination of the oars are adjusted, which makes their operation more comfortable and productive. However, the boat Kolibri KM-300 was originally designed for walking under the motor. The trim plate is securely built into special supports, which allows you to install a motor up to 8 hp. To protect the transom from damage by the motor clamp, a special PVC edging is used, as well as protective pads. And on the transom there is a bracket for insuring the engine, and in the lower part there is a drain valve. Cylinders are inflated with a high-quality and convenient foot pump, which is included in the standard package. To speed up the assembly process of the boat, you can purchase an electric pump. Even with very strong heating in the sun, the cylinders are protected from deformation, as the boat has automatic bleed valves. And the protection of the boat from impacts will provide a wide fender. The anchoring process is simple and convenient, as the boat has all the necessary accessories: a ring for knitting a rope, an eye-roller, as well as a reinforcing pad on the top of the cylinder. It is also worth noting the presence of two towing rings on the "cheekbones" of the boat, which can also be used to fix it on the gun carriage. Both seats of the Hummingbird KM-300 are sliding, which gives additional opportunities for adjusting the free space in the cockpit. The weight is distributed not only on the lick-rope, but also on the cylinder itself, which makes this design very reliable. There are already two bags complete with Hummingbird 300Didet - one for the floor, stringers and seats, and the other for the boat itself and other components. When inflated, the boat is carried with the help of three transport handles. You can also install transom wheels. In case of unforeseen circumstances, the kit includes a set of patches and special glue for PVC, packed in a convenient tube.