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How to place an order for rental equipment?

An application for rental equipment can be made through the Irbis Cinema Rental website, by phone or by e-mail. After completing the on the site, our manager will contact you to confirm the reservation of equipment and clarify details.

How is the application different from the reservation?

Important! An application for rental equipment is not a reservation. The reservation is a confirmation from the manager of Irbis Cinema Rental about the availability of equipment on your request after its registration. Also important! If for some reason your shooting does not take place, and the equipment is already booked, do not panic. You just need to call Irbis Cinema Rental at our number +375 (29) 670-75-45 and cancel the order in advance. We ask you to make every effort and inform us about the cancellation of your reservation as early as possible, for example, call us by phone or inform us in another convenient way for you.

What will happen if you do not come to order and notify us about it?

  • Your colleagues will not be able to take the necessary equipment, as it will be in the reservation for you.
  • Our staff and equipment will make many unnecessary movements, waiting for the issuance of your order.
  • It will be a little harder for us to trust with your next order if you did not inform us in advance about canceling the previous one.