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Canon 5DSR DSLR is a professional full-frame camera that differs from its brother Canon EOS 5DS only in the use of a modified optical low-pass filter on the image sensor. This technical solution allows you to further increase the detail of the pictures and reveal the capabilities of the 50-megapixel sensor to 100%. However, the use of such a filter can lead to the appearance of distortions in the pictures - a moiré pattern. Therefore, we recommend this model only to professional photographers who know how to realize its full potential. Designed for stunning image quality, this DSLR camera features 50.6MP resolution and low-pass filter suppression for maximum camera sensor sharpness. The 50.6MP full-frame CMOS image sensor captures incredible levels of detail. The ultra-high resolution provides enhanced cropping capabilities while maintaining superior image quality. Even when using the built-in 1.3x and 1.6x cropping modes, you will get files with a resolution of 30.5 and 19.6 MP, respectively. The Low Pass Filter Suppressor enhances the clarity and sharpness of high-resolution images with minimal risk of distortion, making the EOS 5DS R suitable for outdoor and studio shooting with a choice of conditions. The EOS 5DS R uses Canon's Mirror Vibration Control to reduce vibration caused by the movement of elements inside the camera, which can negatively affect image sharpness and resolution. The use of special lugs provides additional stability when raising and lowering the mirror, which helps to avoid sudden stops and soften the sound of the shutter release. Enjoy fast image processing and camera responsiveness - even when receiving a lot of data from the 50.6 MP sensor. This is made possible by two DIGIC 6 processors. You can capture all the action with unrivaled shooting at 50.6 resolution at 5fps, while USB 3.0 connectivity provides high-speed mobile hotspot operation and remote camera control. EOS Intelligent Tracking and Recognition (iTR) autofocus technology uses color and face information to recognize and track subjects as they move within the frame. Autofocus response speed can be adjusted with a simple tool that adapts the tracking function according to conditions and the subject, so that other objects accidentally flashing between the camera lens and the subject do not interfere with focusing. Camera based on 5D Mark III with 50.6 megapixel ultra-high resolution sensor. Unlike the camera, the 5DS lacks an anti-aliasing filter, thanks to which sharpness is higher and more detail in the shadows. Therefore, the camera is ideal for portrait, landscape photography, and in cases where you are going to print pictures in large format.