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Cinegears Ghost-Eye Wireless (500m) New
Set includes:
160 BYN/day

CINEGEARS Ghost-Eye Wireless HDMI & SDI Video Transmission Kit (500m) - the CINEGEAR Ghost-Eye HDMI and SDI 500M wireless video signal transmission kit allows you to transmit uncompressed video 1080p60, 10 bits, 4: 2: 2 to 500 m with a delay of less than 1 ms The adaptive signal algorithm maintains a stable connection, despite small obstacles in the line of sight, while signals missed due to larger sources of interference or loss of connection are automatically re-enabled within 1 ms after the obstacle is removed. A transmitter and receiver are included, but up to four receivers of any Ghost-Eye model are simultaneously supported on each channel. LEMO-D-Tap cables are included with both devices. The system also has an HDMI / SDI cross conversion function that allows you to convert an HDMI input to an SDI output or vice versa. Other features include AES signal encryption and time code.