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Set includes:
30 BYN/day
STRIKER Vivid 4cv with GT20-TM sensor A small device with big possibilities ) The updated version of Vivid got a brighter screen for everyday rides in the shining sun, which is a huge plus. Excellent bottom scanning and smart cartography will leave no chance for competitors in this segment. It is important to note the low energy consumption, which will allow you to explore the bottom and ride your routes during daylight hours. Renting a Garmin echo sounder with a 4.3” display is inexpensive and effective for finding fishing spots. Thanks to the highly sensitive GPS receiver, it is comfortable to troll by seeing the exact speed of the vessel. Found a tempting snag, a hole? Indicate a mark on the map - this is extremely convenient, at any time you can return and catch the treasured point. Stryker is a portable chartplotter, it is used from pvc boats, boats, from ice in winter using a flasher. The mount of the device has both a rotary and an inclined mechanism. Are you going fishing and have nothing to scan the pond with? No problem! - rent Garmin, Hummingbird, Lawrence for your needs.