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Set includes:
25 BYN/day
The Lowrance Mark-5x Pro fish finder - is a state-of-the-art dual beam sonar fish finder with an excellent screen and user-friendly interface. The device is suitable for both advanced fishermen and amateurs, because it works perfectly out of the box, in automatic mode. Hurry up to rent this wonderful echo sounder from our irbis cinema fishing rental, we will advise you on how to use it correctly and share the experience of what trophies we caught with it.

Most important:
- Two beams
- Angles 20 and 60 degrees
- Maximum depth 305 meters
- Display 5 inches

Characteristics of the transducer
The device is equipped with a two-beam sonar. The central beam has a width of 20 degrees, wide - 60 degrees. Lawrence Mark-5X Pro displays the bottom at depths up to 305 meters in fresh water and can scan large areas of underwater space. The use of ASP technology in scanning allows the fish finder to filter out most noise and distortion. When emitting a signal, the sonar initially corrects for factors such as boat speed, water temperature, and water conditions. The five-inch display with a resolution of 480 by 480 pixels and the ability to display 16 shades of gray shows a high-contrast, detailed image of the underwater space. Special technologies patented by Lawrence make the resulting picture even more informative. For example, the Lowrance Grayline gives your fish finder the ability to distinguish between strong and weak signals. Objects that reflect the sonar signal more confidently are highlighted on the screen. you will be able to distinguish a hard bottom from a soft one, a big fish from a small one, recognize stones, branches, and so on.