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Pulsed light Godox QT600 II M flashed light is one of the top all-in-ones from Godox, which has just a huge number of modern features, such as: ultra-short pulse up to 1/28000 sec, operation in HSS mode at shutter speeds up to 1/8000 sec, mask shooting function, stable color temperature mode, built-in Godox X-system synchronization system, etc. The Godox QT-600 II M studio flash has all the features you need for professional work in a commercial studio. The wide functionality of this flash will satisfy the most demanding photographer. The Godox QT-600 II M studio flash is specially designed for advertising and fashion photographers who need to capture action, splashes, etc. without blur with the effect of the so-called "freeze" The impulse speed of the Godox QT-600 II M reaches 1/28000 sec, which allows high-speed shooting of dynamic scenes, sports, splashes, etc. The Godox QT-600 II M studio flash has several basic modes of operation. The stable color temperature mode is used for most types of shooting. In this mode, the flash has a very good flash rate from 1/300 to 1/4000 sec, while maintaining a very stable color temperature of 5600 + 200K. Ultrashort pulse mode. This is one of the main features of this flash. In this mode, the Godox QT-600 II M monoblock is capable of delivering an ultra-short pulse from 1/316 to 1/28984 sec. In this mode, the color temperature indicators change in the range of 5600K - 9000K, depending on the pulse speed. Therefore, this nuance must be taken into account when you have several flashes in your light scheme. High-speed mode allows you to shoot action, sports, splashes, etc. in freeze mode. High-speed sync mode HSS (Hight-speed sync) allows you to shoot at fast shutter speeds up to 1/8000 sec. This function is achieved when using proprietary synchronizers Godox XT32, X1T, X-Pro., and you must comply with the radio synchronizer system (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus). As for the color temperature indicators, in this mode everything is quite stable within 4600K-5000K. The advantage of this mode is that in addition to short shutter speeds, you can shoot at maximum apertures without overexposure. It is important to note that high-speed modes will use up the resource of the flash lamp faster, so we advise you to use them for their intended purpose! The "quick mask" mode is intended for shooting objects "under clipping", that is, in order to quickly separate the background from the object. Several flashes are required to implement this function. For example, for a standard lighting scheme: 2 background flashes and 2 front flashes (the number of flashes may vary depending on your requirements). In this case, two frames are taken in turn, background and main flashes fire in the same way in turn. As a result, we get one contour and one main frame. Then in the editor, literally in a few clicks, a "mask" is created and the background is removed. This feature will greatly help photographers who shoot large volumes for product catalogs where a white background is needed, shooting the so-called. isolates, etc. In Multi mode, the flash fires a series of flashes. The number of shots and flash speed depend on the flash settings. A huge plus is the presence of the built-in Godox X-system synchronization system, thanks to which you can easily control the flash functionality, as well as combine on-camera manual and TTL flashes, studio and portable. The rear panel of the Godox QT-600 II M flash has controls and a bright display that shows all the current settings. The control panel has connectors for connecting standard synchronizers with 6.5 jack, and a separate USB slot for connecting Godox FT-16 433MHz and Godox XTR-16 2.4GHz radio synchronizer receivers, which allows you to work with branded synchronizers such as: FT-16, XT32, X1T, as well as X-Pro. When using a proprietary synchronization system, you get the maximum functionality and the ability to remotely control the flash power from the transmitter, as well as other functions (the functionality depends on the model of the radio synchronizer used), Godox QT-600 II M studio flash has a high recycle speed of 0.05 ~ 0.9 seconds . Digital control allows you to very accurately adjust the pulse power. In "M" and "Multi" modes from 1/1 to 1/128, and in "HSS" mode from 1/1 to 1/16. The body of Godox QT-600 II M studio flash is made of milled aluminum and reliably protects the device from damage. A comfortable rear handle, which is slightly raised, improves ergonomics and does not overlap the navigation bar. A protective glass cap (Pyrex) protects the annular and pilot lamps from mechanical damage. The presence of the most common bowens mount makes it possible to use a huge number of light-shaping attachments such as softboxes, reflectors, beauty dishes, etc. L