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5 BYN/day
Children's Chest Mount GoPro Jr. Chesty: Chest Harness - is a complete analogue of the adult Chest Harness, differs only in size. The fastener is designed specifically for small operators, it is comfortably fixed on a child aged 3 to 12 years. Soft and durable elastic straps fit snugly, your child will not lose the camera even during a lot of physical activity. Put the accessory on the child, adjust the straps to the required level so that the tension is strong enough and the camera is stabilized. At the same time, do not overtighten the belts, bring the adjustment to a comfortable level. With the right adjustment, the child will not feel discomfort when wearing the mount. Jr. Chesty has chest and back mount options so you can choose the right angle depending on the shooting conditions. The mount features a quick-release latch so you don't have to tighten and unscrew the mounting bolt every time, just slide the included camera into the mount and your child is ready to take their first amazing shots.