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Set includes:
80 BYN/day

Honda BF5DH SHU outboard motor - HONDA BF5DH is the epitome of reliability, design and economy. To date, Honda engineers have set the highest quality bar that many manufacturers of outboard motors are equal to. Low vibration, light weight, smooth running, low noise level - this is what a huge number of people choose to rent a HONDA BF5 outboard motor for. A modern solution in the form of a generator with a current of 6 Amperes 12 Volts with a pure sine wave will make it possible to power various echo sounders, charge the phone, and connect lighting. If you want to rent an echo sounder at our rental, we will help you connect everything and give you the necessary recommendations for the correct operation of the echo sounder. The four-stroke Honda BF5DH engine will give you a unique opportunity to forget about refueling and enjoy your hobbies and entertainment on the water! Today, Honda will easily give you guarantees of safety and reliability on the water, you won’t have to worry if you swim to the fishing point or pull the line 20 times to wind up, want to drive 20-30 kilometers at a time? - not a problem, go for it! To rent a Honda BF5DH outboard motor from us means to get quality guarantees!