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20 BYN/day
The Minolta AF 100-200mm f / 4.5 Sony A - is a very interesting telephoto lens from Minolta. Small and compact, with a mounting thread for inexpensive M49 light filters, the full-frame Minolta 100-200mm f / 4.5 Macro lens (on a 150-300mm crop) often remains in the shadows, which, by the way, is worthy of attention. All Minolta players want to have a Minolta 70-210mm f / 4 Macro "beer can" or a large Minolta 75-300mm f / 4.5-5.6 Macro "beer can" in their arsenal and do not take seriously this, in our opinion, a very successful Minolta telephoto lens. Yes, it only starts focusing at 190cm. Yes, its front lens rotates, which makes it difficult to use a polarizing filter. Yes, it has no internal focusing, it is more susceptible to dust penetration and it is not "macro". But it is small, compact and lightweight, and allows you to take very good quality photos even at an open aperture of 4.5. And he also focuses very quickly, unlike the heavyweights.