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The Panasonic BT-LH2550ER 25.5’- director's monitor is a widescreen monitor designed for studio and field shooting, as well as for television broadcast studios. Using advanced image processing, color reproduction and contrast technology, Panasonic has achieved qualities that are found only in CRT monitors. This model can display all HDTV formats with a wide range of frame rates, including NTSC and PAL standards. The screen with a resolution of 1920x1200 (WXGA) is built on an IPS matrix, and has a 10-bit color depth per channel, which allows you to play broadcast-quality images.

Viewing angles 176 ° horizontally and vertically. The 3D LUT function allows you to work with the color profiles of the monitor, allowing you to play back the image with the specified parameters of 3D LUT tables. Panasonic BT-LH2550 has a technology for compensating diagonal lines. The monitor compensates for RGB with an accuracy of 256 steps. Nominal gamma 2.2 reproduces the tonal gradation necessary for broadcast standards. The color temperature is selected from three preset values, 9300K, 6500K and 5600K, and can also be manually adjusted in the range from 3000K to 9300K.

This monitor has two HD / SD-SDI inputs with automatic switching between HD and SD standards. And one HD / SD-SDI output, which allows you to use the monitor for end-to-end signal. Component input (Y / Pb / Pr) with RGB, Y / C switching and composite Video. RGB mode for compatibility with computer input. DVI-D input for connecting digital devices.

Panasonic BT-LH2550 has a built-in waveform. Waveform output is possible on top of the main image, in one of four corners. Panasonic BT-LH2550 has a built-in audio decoder (via monitor speakers and a headphone jack) and an 8-channel level of audio signal that can be displayed in 2, 4, 8 channels or can be completely disabled (+ 0dB limit mark (on / off)). There are also functions: pixel-to-pixel, a grid for aligning the camera, many screen markers in various modes, etc.