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Set includes:
140 BYN/day
NanLite PavoTube 30C LED device - made in the form of a tube with a length of 122 cm provides a maximum brightness of 2850 lumens, which corresponds to 631 lux at 1 m. The color temperature of the device is 2700-6500K, the full color spectrum is supported in RGB mode with the ability to customize any shade. Color rendering index CRI / TLCI - 98/95 meet the requirements for all modern LED sources. The brightness is infinitely adjustable in the range of 0-100%. The device can be used as the main light source for small scenes, as well as to complement existing lighting and create various installations. Two or more fixtures can be networked and synchronized, in this case all control settings are made using the master lamp menu. Built-in lighting effects expand your creativity, simulating special vehicle flashing light, candle flame, lightning flash, SOS signal and two different types of continuous blinking is available. The lamp is powered by a built-in battery or a power cable. A full battery charge is designed for autonomous operation up to two hours at 100% brightness. The tube diameter is 4.8 cm.