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Set includes:
130 BYN/day
The Yamaha F15 CEHS outboard motor will help you to be fast and economical, allowing you to use the maximum allowable engine power in the national parks of the Republic of Belarus. This model is the quietest among its competitors and does not irritate not only the fisherman but also the fish, it helps to approach the fishing point almost silently. A huge bonus is the presence of an electric starter and a powerful generator that generates enough electricity to power powerful and energy-intensive fish finders such as the Lowrance HDS-16 as well as additional lighting equipment. From the operating experience, one can note the minimum vibration transmitted to the tiller, which cannot but please fishermen traveling long distances. Inflatable boats of size 3.60 - 3.90 with this motor can reach speeds of about 40-45 km / h. If you want to forget about constant refueling, then this is about him, on one 24l tank you can move on average for 2 whole days and this is a huge plus both for small lakes and for moving tens of kilometers along large rivers. When traveling fishing for 5-6 days, such gas consumption will be just a gift, saving money and trunk volume. Forget about mixing oil with gasoline, as a result of which you get intense smoke on high-powered two-stroke engines and you can just enjoy the smell of nature. If you are an active fisherman, hunter or just a fan of water rides, then renting a yamaha 15F outboard motor is your best choice.