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Set includes:
150 BYN/day

Quadcopter DJI Inspire 1 - the world's first aerocamera class "Micro Four Thirds"! You will be available interchangeable lenses, video recording in 4K RAW files, remote focus and iris control, all this - Inspire Pro. 1 Inspire Pro - Ideal solution for professional photography Zenmuse X5 Pro

Zenmuse X5 - is a three-axle suspension, which is combined with the camera, it can record video in 4K / 30fps format and take pictures at 16 MP. Shoot a truly professional staff team

Dynamic Range
now able to capture the range of shadows and light. Detailing the X5 Pro Camera X5 Pro

INCREDIBLE clear and precise PIXELS
Shoot Inspire Pro 1 with a matrix in the M4 / 3, resulting in the image sharp and clear as never before than to any other air chamber. Compared to other cameras on Zenmuse X5 image if come to life! 1 Inspire Pro - matrix M4 / 3

large matrix
Matrix Zenmuse X5 8 times more than the standard camera Inspire 1 - X3. Suppresses noise sensor, ISO (100-25600), white balance - to help you to fully realize your any creative ideas. Matrix X5 Pro

& nbsp; DJI Inspire Pro 1 is controlled by the DJI GO app where everything is made for intuitive control, and the camera and the quadrocopter. With the application, you can change the camera settings and quadrocopter directly in flight. Appendix DJI in the GO X5 Pro

Thanks to experienced experts in the DJI video stabilization, Zenmuse X5 is equipped with a highly reliable 3-ex axial stabilizing the suspension, which automatically smoothes and stabilizes video when your camera is in flight. The suspension is constantly receiving feedback from quadrocopter and quickly stabilizes all vibrations to within 0:02 °. Take pictures with slow shutter speed no matter how you fly - Suspension X5 will make smooth images and sharp. Suspension X5 Pro

Thanks to standard mounting MFT, you have a choice of the most popular lenses in the video industry. The lenses are suitable for 1 Inspire Pro

DJI Inspire Pro 1 is controlled by the DJI GO app, as well as the entire series Inspire 1. Real-time you will be able to see the picture in HD on your mobile device at a distance of 2 km. Mobile application DJI GO

to create on FOREVER
Zenmuse X5 is made of high-quality magnesium alloy, which allows it to withstand all flight tests and regularly serve much time. As well as compact and lightweight, which will help you to easily carry on long flights or travel.