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How to get and return the equipment?

You can receive and return the equipment at the office of Irbis Cinema Rental during business hours or by ordering a delivery service. Upon receipt of the equipment, you need to sign the Rental Agreement and the Equipment Transfer Certificate, and upon return, the Equipment Acceptance Certificate. In both cases, you need to check the condition and performance of the equipment and documents with the manager. When checking equipment, pay attention to all the important features of this equipment. For example, if you rent a camera, check the operability of the display, connectors, the correct operation of the autofocus system and metering, the operability of individual buttons on the camera, etc. In the case of lenses, we recommend that you check the operation of the focusing system at the edges of the focal lengths and in the middle, the presence of scratches and other damage to the lenses, the operability of the focusing rings and zoom. If you rent a slider, be sure to check the smooth running of the carriage, the presence of all the necessary tabs between the carriage and the slider rail.

I'm going with your equipment right to the shooting. Will the battery be charged?

Irbis Cinema Rental guarantees the rental of charged batteries. All batteries must be charged before delivery, but there are situations when this is not possible, our managers warn about this in advance. Be sure to check the battery level when issuing equipment.

Do I need to check memory cards?

Memory cards and other digital storage media (for example, SSDs) are not a reliable and reliable means of storing material. Unfortunately, Irbis Cinema Rental cannot guarantee the operability of the storage devices being leased. In this regard, we ask you to pay special attention to the performance of memory cards and other data storage devices when testing equipment. If you experience a malfunction while working with one of these devices (the material has not been recorded, the card is no longer “readable” by the camera or camcorder, the recording does not last longer than 2 minutes, etc.), send your claims, including those related to compensation cost of data recovery, etc., to the device manufacturer or its certified service center.

The defect is not included in the Transfer Act, what should I do?

If you find a defect not specified in the Transfer Certificate, please ask the rental manager to add it to the certificate. However, certain defects are considered normal wear and tear and are not indicated in the acts - for example, minor abrasions of the case. Our managers take pictures of the equipment at its delivery.

How often are matrices cleaned at Irbis Cinema Rental?

Camera matrices are cleaned once a month. In this regard, the matrix on the camera that you rent may not be perfectly clean. If you need a perfectly clean matrix (for example, for subject shooting), be sure to indicate this when you leave a request.

If your equipment malfunctioned during the shooting (regardless of the cause of the breakdown), call us and, if possible, we will bring you a camera or lens or other replacement accessory.

How to make a breakdown of equipment?

When you rent equipment, you need to check its condition and performance, because when you return it, the rental manager will check all the most important technical points in the same way. If you return inoperative equipment or equipment with a defect, we will issue a Return Certificate indicating defects or breakdowns.