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500 BYN/day
RED Epic-M Dragon 6K Carbon Fiber Camera- the camera is made of carbon fiber, which made it a little lighter. The camera has a RED Dragon 6K sensor, you can capture 9 times more pixels than with HD. Tests made by RED specialists showed that the dynamic range of the new matrix will be more than 18 stops, although the company writes the number 16.5+ in the matrix characteristics. Improved micro-contrast and MTF result in a cleaner image, drastically reducing moiré and aliasing artifacts. When translating from 6K to 4K or HD, the image will appear cleaner and more detailed than those captured at lower resolutions. 6K resolution corresponds to more than 19 MP (6144 x 3160), and if you remember the RED Epic camera that was created as DSMC - Digital Still & Motion Camera (movie camera and professional DSLR) it can be safely said that the RED Dragon 6K film camera with the ability to shoot at the same time at a speed of 100 frames per second is also an ideal camera. When shooting at up to 100 fps at full resolution, you get 100 chances per second to capture the perfect image. In addition, RED reported that their engineers have made great progress in both the hardware and software configuration of the sensor. The RED DRAGON sensor blurs the line between camcorder and still camera, giving you the best of both. Red Dragon now performs even better and better, adding the ability to shoot in HDRx, which, in the earlier RED series of cameras, was quite a challenge. REDMAG has a higher bit rate, which allows you to capture high-speed footage with less compression. You can rent, rent a RED Epic-M Dragon 6K Carbon Fiber in Minsk at our Irbis Cinema Rental. RED also introduced a new product REDMAG Mini, which allows you to reduce the time when copying material by 2 times.