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Set includes:
80 BYN/day

Sounder Lowrance HDS-16 Carbon + Lowrance Active Imaging 3-IN-1 transducer - combines an ultra-clear SolarMAX ™ HD display with a new high performance dual-core processor, advanced CHIRP dual-channel sonar technology and dual network sounder utilizing the latest in integrated wireless instruments. More agility, speed and brute force, all in one easy-to-use touchscreen display.

Lowrance® HDS-16 Carbon new 16-inch ultra-clear SolarMAX ™ HD multi-touch display with high brightness LED backlight and extended anti-reflective coating, creates wider viewing angles and in any light. Only HDS Carbon offers superior color fidelity and high-resolution enhanced viewing panels specially designed to truly maximize main sonar. The dual-core high-performance HDS Carbon processor delivers faster draw speeds and faster response times for dual CHIRP, dual network sounders, StructureScan®3D and StructureMap ™ plus split-screen mapping. Has sufficient reserve for future upgrades. HDS Carbon brings the convenience of a modern smartphone with integrated Bluetooth wireless technology, which supports the most advanced marine technologies, including a network analyzer that notifies users when new software is available. System Service Assistant, which allows the user to get a detailed report on the electronic tools used in the network. The HDS Carbon is the most versatile combo device available today, and can monitor and control engines over the Mercury® VesselView® network, control Power-Pole shallow water anchors, and control outboard motors for trolling through the SmartSteer ™ feature. An extensive list of security and entertainment apps are available to complete your network. Navigating with the HDS Carbon will be easy using Lowrance's proven 10Hz internal GPS Antenna, built-in map.

Internal GPS Antenna - with 10Hz refresh rate provides ultra-precise routes, smooth graphs and maximum positioning accuracy. Supports WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS fixes.
Compatible with Precision-9 ─ The Precision-9 compass provides accurate heading and rate-of-turn information to autopilot, radar and navigation systems via NMEA 2000. Using internal solid-state sensors continuously measuring movement and targeting nine axes, Precision-9 also transfers data to compatible equipment.
Extensive mapping capabilities –HDS Carbon includes a built-in C-MAP Basemap map. Compatible with the most popular maps on the cartography market: Navionics, C-MAP.
Multi-viewing and sharing maps - View two maps simultaneously, in 2D or 3D, with independent control, range and overlay options. Plus, get the most out of your card purchase, buy one card and view it on all displays on the network: HDS Gen3, HDS Gen2 Touch, or Gen2.
• Dual microSD card slots
• Built-in CHIRP sounder - prevails with higher sensitivity, improved target resolution and better noise suppression for clearer and easy identification of targets (commercial fish, predator). Provides CHIRP and broadband echo sounder frequencies from a single transducer.
• StructureScan 3D ─ Integrated support for StructureScan 3D imaging that allows anglers to see fish, structure, contours and bottom in stunning 3D, giving them a better understanding of where fish and structure are in relation to their boat. Requires optional StructureScan 3D module and transducer.
• Dual CHIRP sounder * improves the visibility of targets (fish) with two CHIRP frequency channels at the same time low, medium or high. Leave your favorite high CHIRP frequency for improved target separation close to the bottom (or in flocks) and turn on the low frequency channel view to cover more water with wider and deeper cone angles. * Coming Soon
• Dual Network Sounder Views allows you to cover a wider range of water and marks targets (fish) more clearly thanks to the CHIRP fishfinder network. View views of bow-mounted, through-hull or transom-mounted echo sounders at the same time on the same display.
• Simultaneous viewing of a CHIRP sounder with StructureScan® 3D or StructureScan® HD to get the best picture of bottom structure and fish, to the sides and below your boat.
• Built-in StructureScan® HD Imaging - Enjoy the Picture - 180 Degree Underwater View