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Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 Di VC USD lens - Super wide-angle zoom delivers superior image quality across the entire frame. With the SP (Super Performance) lens series, Tamron strives for the highest standards. A worthy addition to the series is a new 15-30mm f / 2.8 full-frame ultra wide-angle zoom lens. This zoom lens, with a focal length range of 15mm to 30mm, has the same image quality as fixed focal length lenses. This unprecedented achievement is made possible by the unique XGM (die-cast aspherical glass lens) lens, which effectively reduces aberration and improves sharpness. It is also the first 15-30mm zoom lens to offer a combination of a wide focal length range, F / 2.8 aperture and IS. This is further proof of Tamron's commitment to innovation and the highest quality. The XGM lens helps you create exquisite footage. Compared to the previous cast glass aspherical lens (left), the XGM lens has a larger aspherical surface area. A large diameter XGM (cast aspherical glass lens) is housed in the first lens group, which also contains a number of ED elements. In total, the optical design has 18 elements in 13 groups. This combination effectively controls distortion and chromatic aberration inherent in wide-angle lenses. XGM Lens (Cast Aspherical Glass Lens) The XGM Aspherical Cast Glass lenses are capable of effectively correcting aberrations in the angle of view, which can vary significantly in ultra-wide-angle lenses. This plays a big role in minimizing distortion and sharpening the periphery of the image. In addition, the method for manufacturing cast glass lenses allows for a wider range of shapes than the method for manufacturing composite aspherical lenses. In addition, the XGM also effectively removes aberrations and helps to reduce the size of the lens. (Left: conventional aspherical cast glass lens, right: XGM lens). Optical Stabilization (VC) System Expands Photographer's Capabilities In response to the need for wide-angle lenses for handheld long exposure photography, Tamron has created the world's first F / 2.8 ultra wide-angle zoom lens with image stabilization. The lens is capable of producing clear shots even when shooting handheld in low light conditions. The VC is a system of three solenoid coils that moves the optics to compensate for vibrations through ceramic bearings. The result of its operation is unrivaled stability and smoothness due to the low level of friction. The VC unit design has been optimized for a 15-30mm ultra wide-angle zoom lens with an F / 2.8 aperture. The VC unit has been made more compact so as not to burden the lens barrel. The VC unit is specially designed and optimized for each lens that contains this exclusive feature.