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Set includes:
10 BYN/day
VDB M-Boompole 60-266cm - made of hard carbon. The polished surface of the outer tube reduces noise during operation. The VDB boom pole has a precision mechanical internal incompressible connection between each pole section, providing minimal space to achieve soft glide. It also contributes to the strength of the system and prevents pipe noise during fast rotation or rocking. The new “QT” model has an innovative collar system for locking and pole loss by 1/4 manual evisceration. Threads are no longer used for compaction, which eliminates dust and sand and makes this line adapted to any shooting situation. Instant additional wiring: Straight or spiral internal microphone cable can be installed or removed immediately in all models without technical intervention. This is an ideal companion for documentary projects, as does not take up much space, and it fits easily in a bag. This new model is compatible with the classic lineup.