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Set includes:
80 BYN/day

Yamaha F 5 AMHS 2020 NEW outboard motor - upgrade of the legendary and beloved five from the Yamaha Outboard Company. The best can be made even better - perhaps this is the unspoken rule of the entire Yamaha company! The perfect balance of the outboard motor makes it, in fact, the best of the five to date. By renting a YAMAHA F5 AMHS outboard motor, you get efficiency and power in one bottle. Now you do not need to think on which side to put the motor during transportation - it will not spill oil in any case. Have fun while riding a fiver, ride if you need to rush or sneak to your treasured trophy fish. This is a station wagon motor, and it is quite possible to carry it alone, but you almost don’t need to refuel, and you don’t even need a license! - where else will you see this? And the most important thing that can be noted is, of course, reliability! You can leave for tens of kilometers and be sure that you will return exactly and on time, that the engine will not stall, will not let you down. The stylish design of the new five will win the attention of others and emphasize your style. If you are still in doubt, then we, for our part, will put an 11-liter tank in the kit for free and try to empty it in a whole day) - I think you can do it with great difficulty!