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Set includes:
45 BYN/day

Yamaha F 5 AMHS outboard motor - this motor will change your ideas about low power "four-stroke engines". After all, they are so light that it will not be difficult to bring the F5 from the car to the water. Compact dimensions, comfortable handles and an oil leakage prevention system that allows them to be transported in the trunk on either side open up new horizons for using light motors. And they can be used with equal convenience by both an amateur fisherman on an inflatable boat and a yacht owner when a convenient auxiliary motor is needed. The built-in tank with a volume of 1.1 liters will simplify the fuel system to a minimum and not take a portable tank with you, replacing it with a simple canister. After all, outstanding fuel efficiency will allow you to make a short trip even on a liter of gasoline. The motors are characterized by simple and intuitive operation. So, an auxiliary fuel pump is installed in front of the carburetor, which guarantees easy starting even after long storage. And a convenient tiller with a fixed "gas" will not cause difficulties for a beginner water motorist.

The Yamaha F5A motor is a modern four-stroke model with a single cylinder of 139 cubic centimeters. This engine has excellent efficiency, economical resource utilization and CDI ignition system. Also, the motor is equipped with a system that filters crankcase gases, blocking their access to engine oil or fuel, and reducing exhaust emissions to the atmosphere. The motor is controlled by a tiller. In addition to gas and neutral, it has a reverse stroke, as well as several tilt positions for swimming in shallow water.