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45 BYN/day

Recorder Zoom F8 - OB recorder / mixer and USB audio interface 8 inputs / 4 output at 24-bit / 192 kHz, 8 XLR / TRS combo input 8 microphone preamplifiers, Time Code I / O and exits mini-XLR. Multi-track recorder Zoom F8 is designed for professionals and enthusiasts in the field of recording field (music, filming movies and news). The design allows you to carry it on a strap over his shoulder silt in the bag.

device has eight analog channels with combined XLR / TRS inputs that provide maximum input amplification +75 dB. F8 can record up to 10 tracks at a time (Channels 1-8 and stereo mix) go up to 8 channels when writing at a maximum resolution A / D converters 24-bit 192 kHz. Alternatively, it is possible to carry out two-channel recording individual files with the lower volume in order to guarantee the availability of a backup in the event of unwanted surges in the primary entry.

The updated limiter provides a margin n overload to 10 dB. The device supports the input and output time code SMPTE. outputs are also provided on the headphones 100 mW + 100 mW main outputs MAIN OUT 1/2 and SUB OUT 1/2 to send signal on a video camera or other device. Built-in mixer function allows to adjust the signal path, and the presence of autonomous phantom power +24 V / +48 V provides the ability to use your favorite condenser microphones.

recorder power may be accomplished by one of three ways: through AA batteries, power supply or an external power supply 9 - 16 volts for 2 slots SDXC cards can be used simultaneously to record the duration of the session. They also function as a card reader when connected to your computer via USB. In operation, through the USB, Zoom F8 can be used in the configuration of 2 input / output 2 or audio interface 8 inputs and 4 outputs (for Windows driver required). Among the most innovative features - the recorder supports proprietary interchangeable microphone capsules