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      Delivery within Minsk
      08:00 - 21:30  13 BYN lightweight gear w/o offloading and lifting 
      08:00 - 21:30  20 BYN heavy gear w/o offloading and lifting  
      21:30 - 08:00  40 BYN lightweight gear  w/o offloading and lifting 
      21:30 - 08:00  50 BYN heavy gear w/o offloading and lifting 

      Delivery within Belarus
       Delivery outside Minsk beltway is to be discussed individually with our staff, rates start at 1 BYN/km

      Terms and Conditions of Delivery

  1. Delivery is only provided to our existing clients (who already rented gear from us before) or those who successfully (to be confirmed by our staff) provided all the information and documents required for a contract. 
  2. Traffic and weather conditions are to be taken into account upon delivery.
  3. If delivery point is located on a private territory with limited access (e.g. guarded zone), our courier needs to be granted access to the territory for loading/offloading. 
  4. If delivery point is located on a paid parking lot, all the corresponding expenses (for entering/exiting/stay) are to be fully paid by the client. 
  5. Any delays and wait lasting over 30 min is to be agreed with a courier and should be paid according to the rate of 10 BYN/hour.
  6. If client does not arrive to the delivery point for more than 30 min, courier is allowed to leave having previously notified (when possible) the client about order cancellation. Delivery is to be paid in full.