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How to rent equipment at Irbis Cinema Rental?

To become our client, you can pre-fill the customer form on our website. If you are unable to fill out this form, then you come to our office and we'll fill it with you on the office. Also, upon receiving of the equipment, a contract for the rental of equipment will be concluded with you.

Our clients is: are adults, do not have criminal records.

If our client is a citizen of a foreign country then he can take the equipment from our rental on the set with our specialist escort or a full deposit for equipment.

For registration in our office you must provide your national passport or your ID card.

When filling out a customer questionnaire, please indicate the correct and current information. If we are unable to verify the information about you or it seems implausible to us, you will be denied registration, and, accordingly, service. Be sure to indicate which of our customers can give you a recommendation.

After filling out the questionnaire, we will check your data and recommendations and our manager will call you and tell you what to do next. Validation may take several hours.

If the manager called you and refused to book, you can take the equipment at a security cost:

As collateral value, we can accept funds in the amount of 100% of the market value of the equipment leased.