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150 BYN/day

Digital Mixer Allen & Heath Qu-16 - the compact digital mixer inherits technology from the renowned digital mixing systems GLD and iLive. The device is capable of quickly saving and quickly recalling settings, including 17 motorized faders and digital preamps. The mixer has an intuitive touch screen display, a built-in multi-track Qu-Drive recorder, dSNAKE for controlling inputs / outputs and a personal monitoring system, streams multi-channel audio via USB to Mac computers, controls from an iPad using the Qu-Pad application, and also has an updated library presets.

The Qu-16 contains 16 mic / line inputs, 3 stereo inputs, 4 effects processors with separate stereo returns, 14 mixes (including LR, 10 AUX mixes and 2 separate FX buses), 12 mixing channels, AES digital output with 2- channel ALT output, microphone input for Talkback and 3-track output. The mixer has the ability to massive processing. Five 2-core high-speed DSP processors provide channel processing and effect processors.

Five 200 MHz latest-generation ARM processors provide a front-panel touch display and controls, a Qu-Drive, an Ethernet port, and motorized faders. The Qu-16 mixer has a color touch screen with a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels, which provides quick and convenient access to channel processing, effects processors and all system settings. Like iLive consoles, the Allen & Heath Qu-16 digital mixing console has a SuperStrip with separate controls for all basic processing parameters, including gain, low-pass filter, parametric equalizer, gate, compressor, and pan control.

The built-in multi-track USB recorder Qu-Drive works with an external USB drive and allows you to play and record multi-channel and stereo recordings. The USB interface is used to save and load scenes and libraries. When using Qu-16 in studios, it also streams multichannel audio to Mac computers in DAW systems.

Allen & Heath's own low-latency Allen & Heath dSNAKE protocol allows the Qu-16 to be connected with a single Cat5 cable up to 120 meters in length to control the AR84 and AR2412. The mixer is also compatible with the Allen & Heath ME digital personal monitoring system. The free iOS application allows the iPad to connect to the mixer via Wi-Fi, so you can set up monitor mixes right on the stage, move around the room freely when setting up the portal system, and then manage the mixes during the introduction.