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Set includes:
25 BYN/day

Battery V-Mount 184Wh SWIT S-8192S - shared battery pack with V-shaped fastening. High capacity battery meets IATA patented design with shared battery. IATA DGR regulations limit air transportation of lithium-ion batteries more than 100 Wh: because the high capacity battery is very necessary, SWIT offers a solution to a shared battery, the corresponding requirements of IATA. S-8192S may be divided into two parts, each of which has a capacity of 92 Wh, not limited by air.

And when using S-8192S, a gathering of the 2, you can get lithium-ion battery high capacity 184 Wh. The assembled S-8192S includes 20 batteries 18650 and reaches 184 Wh / 12,8 Ah capacity. S-8192S can supply approximately 6 hours (of continuous operation) conventional 30 watt ENG camera. The upper end portion of the battery slot is disposed D-tap with a nominal output voltage of 14.4V. The maximum contact load is 100 W / 8A. Has a 4-step charging status indicator.