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Set includes:
45 BYN/day
GoPro Hero 11 Black Edition Action Camera - The latest GoPro action camera with GP2 processor delivers 5.3K 60p video and 24.7p stills Mp. The 1/1.9" CMOS sensor allows you to capture a larger area of the frame compared to previous versions of the camera and share vertical shots on social networks. The camera has HyperSmooth 5.0 video stabilization and three new night shooting modes for time-lapse. The video mode has a choice of 16mm to 39mm flooded digital lens: SuperView 16, Wide 16-34, Linear 19-39, Horizontal Linear 19-39, Narrow 27.

Maximum video resolution is 5.3K 8:7 (5312x4648) 60 p, in 4K resolution, the maximum frame rate reaches 120 fps for 2K and Full HD - 240 fps, live broadcasts are published in 1080p.Still images up to 24.69 MP are available from the video.Three microphones with wind noise reduction system provide high-definition sound.HindSight function allows you to record video up to 30 seconds before the actual shooting.

Night time-lapse can be recorded in resolution up to 5.3K. Complements GoPro Hero 11 black edition 10-bit HEVC video, 8x slow motion, voice control, time-lapse, time-lapse, RAW in all photo modes. The camera body is waterproof, the maximum immersion depth is 10 meters. Dimensions are 71.8x50.8x33.6 mm, weight 154 g.

We rent and rent extreme cameras GoPro HERO (GoPro) in Minsk.
Are you going to jump with a parachute for the first time, dive into the depths of the sea, climb a mountain or go down from its top on skis or a snowboard, or maybe you have a motocross competition or are just planning an active vacation? GoPro will be your faithful companion in any situation. By renting a camera, you will get not only incredible memories, but also juicy 4K video from the epicenter of events, where a conventional video camera simply could not survive. There will definitely be something to show your grandchildren in old age, if you don't overdo it with extreme sports:)

Purchasing a camera is quite expensive, and often does not pay for itself. Today it is customary to invest not in real estate - apartments, cars, but in emotions, travel.

Our consultants will select for you the necessary set of GoPro mounts and accessories, as well as tell you which modes or other situation. We love what we do and are happy to share our experience.

Recall that GoPro in a protective box is not afraid of dirt or water (water resistance up to 60 meters), and also withstands moderate shocks and overloads.