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Set includes:
20 BYN/day
Aputure Fresnel 2X Fresnel Lens - designed for video light with a Bowens mount, for example, it will fit any Aputure Light Storm COB product. The dual optics design and 6 "front lens increase the brightness of the compatible source:
- more than 8 times for the LS COB 300d model;
- more than 14 times for the LS COB 120d II model;
- more than 13 times for LS COB 120d model. The lens has a pump-action design, which makes it possible to smoothly change the angle of illumination in the range of 12-40 °. The diameter of the front ring is 7 ", allowing the installation of various light modifiers. The lens is compatible with the Aputure Bowens shutter kit.