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Mirrorless Camera Sony Alpha A7 III - combines new full-frame 35mm CMOS-matrix resolution of 24.2 megapixels and other innovative imaging technology. The distinctive features of the camera are quick response and convenient compact body. The new version of CMOS-sensor Exmor R ™ has a backlight and is used with the last image processor BIONZ X. Standard ISO range extended to 100-51200 (to ISO 50-2048007 for photography), and transmission of details and local noise reduction ensures a high quality image and as a result can be removed with high ISO value without significant noise and distortion on the image.

The system is based on the stabilization of the camera shift for five-axis matrix. It fulfills offset vertically and horizontally with respect to the rotational displacement of the vertical and horizontal axes, and rotational displacement relative to the lens axis. Also, a feature of Sony A7 III is the ability to stabilize the interaction with built-in camera lenses having their own stabilizer, in such a case they work together, complementing each other. With the improved autofocus model α7 III is able to detect and effectively track moving objects unpredictably and is perfect for capturing action scenes. Also provides touch-focus in the camera and the touch panel, which make it easy to move the focus point a finger in the frame when the viewfinder is turned on.

Sony α7 III allows continuous shooting speeds of up to 10 frames / sec (or to 8 frames / sec in the live view mode) in conjunction with tracking the AF / AE. Also supported quiet shooting without shutter sound. The camera has two memory card slots, one of which supports UHS-II standard for fast data recording, allows simultaneous or continuous recording of RAW and JPEG formats, take snapshots and record video and copy data between cards.

The camera now features an improved mode of the video, where in addition to the ability to record 4K video with oversampling, introduces a new profile image HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma), which supports shooting in HDR format. As the main battery performs NP-FZ100 battery, whereby the period of operation on a single charge has increased by 2.2 times. The new battery can shoot 710 shots on a single charge, which is considerably greater than that what can currently most mirrorless cameras.