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Set includes:
180 BYN/day
The Dedolight DLH1000S 1000w halogen lighting kit with the Dedolight PanAura 5 octode - is a constant-light kit (standard) based on the Dedolight DLH1000S. The kit consists of a halogen lamp DLH1000S, soft box PanAura 5 Octodome, honeycomb 40 degrees. for PanAura 5. Dedolight DLH1000S 1000w is a specialized multifunctional soft light device. Its main feature is the ability to work with a wide variety of softbox options. Due to the location of the incandescent element of the lamp at the focal point of the softbox, the device ensures a perfectly even distribution of the light flux over the scattering surface. Compared with a softbox mounted on a device with a Fresnel lens, it gives twice as much light with no bright spots. Used with lamps from 500 to 1000 watts. The dedolight DLH1000S soft light source can be used autonomously or as an addition to the existing line of lens point sources of the classic Dedolight series or Dedolight Series 400 four-cell devices. The lamp's quartz glass can be easily removed for quick lamp replacement. The adapter adapter ring, mounted in the housing of the lighting fixture, is universal and provides a wide selection of softbox options, as well as the possibility of instant adaptation to various configurations. The power cord of the device is 3 meters.