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Set includes:
180 BYN/day

Aputure Nova P600c RGBWW LED panel - is a deep upgrade of the previous P300c model.

Main differences:
- Aputure Nova P600c has double the power and four times the number of light zone control drives (motors). They can be activated using built-in lighting effects or controlled independently via DMX.
- Featuring a new chipset, the Nova P600c RGBWW panel delivers high performance and color accuracy. This new constant light panel from Aputure has a claimed output of 2298+ lux at 3m (at 6500K color temperature) and a CCT range spanning 2,000K - 10,000K.
- The Lyra on the Nova P600c has also been redesigned, now featuring a curved design similar to the Aputure LS 600d Pro and Aputure 600x Pro, allowing it to maintain tilt control when using modifiers.
- Although the appearance of the Aputure Nova P600c constant light panel is very similar to the P300c, the body of this constant light device is more compact and has a 2x1 form factor. It is wider and not as tall.
- Unlike the younger model, the P600c has a removable diffuser panel. This is a convenient feature for using softboxes or 6x6 honeycombs, as the output power will be higher when removed. On the other hand, an attached diffuser will make the light softer and diffuse the light better to avoid hot spots.

This studio video light bar features a built-in AC power supply with Neutrik power CON TRUE1 TOP cable, minimizing weight and setup time. There's also a 48V/15A 3-pin XLR input for users who want to keep their Aputure P600c LED panel running quietly on batteries rather than generators, even low-noise ones. Built-in LumenRadio CRMX, 8/16-bit DMX512 compatible, 5-pin input and output. In addition to a 3 meter extension cable, the Aputure Nova P600c constant studio lighting LED panel control box has been updated with contact pins integrated into the Lightning Clamp for cable-free operation. On the LED constant studio light panel Aputure Nova P600c RGBWW you can install lighting amplifiers, mesh grids (honeycombs), curtains, softboxes, not only Aputure itself, but also constant light modifiers from brands such as DoPchoice and Chimera.