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Set includes:
50 BYN/day
Video sender Hollyland Mars 400s Pro (120m) - the Hollyland Mars 400s Pro wireless data transmission kit allows you to transmit a video signal with maximum quality 1080p/60 over a distance of up to 120 meters between the transmitter and the receiver and up to 91 meters if the transmitter transmits data to mobile device. The video sender can be used when organizing a live broadcast, in this case the signal from the receiver is transmitted to the PC via the USB Type-C port; you will need an Ethernet (LAN) adapter, which is not included in the rental kit. SDI and HDMI ports can be used to transmit images from the camera to the transmitter; similar ports are used to transmit the signal from the receiver to the monitor. A WiFi connection is supported between the transmitter and mobile devices with the HollyView application installed, which is available for download in the App Store and Google Play. Please note that a maximum of four devices can be connected simultaneously. The signal transmission delay does not exceed 0.1 s. It is possible to convert 3G-SDI signals to HDMI and vice versa. The automatic scanning system provides a quick search for a free channel with the lowest level of interference. OLED displays display basic information and help make settings. To power the devices, the rental kit includes one network adapter; in addition, both devices support power via the USB Type-C port, for example, from a Power Bank. The rear panel has a slot for installing an NP-F970 battery for Sony.