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Set includes:
50 BYN/day

Electron stabilizer DJI Ronin-S - designed for shooting motion digital SLR cameras and mirrorless weight to 3.5 kg. Powerful drives provides a triaxial image stabilization and maintain smooth image at speeds up to 75 km / h. A fully charged battery is sufficient for operation of the device for 12 hours. The Roll 360 shooting mode, you can create the effect of a circular rotation of 360 degrees, and the sports mode allows you to shoot fast moving objects.

The package DJI Ronin-S includes a focus control wheel "Focus Wheel". Attention, focus control using the "Focus Wheel" is possible only on compatible cameras, the full list of in the sheet compatibility.

Technology "SmoothTrack" stabilizer for centralized management allows fast switching between modes. steadicam design provides for its installation on a tripod, dolly, slider, or tap. DJI Ronin-S supports automatic creative modes: "Photo", "Panorama», «Time-lapse», «Motion-lapse», «Following».