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Set includes:
35 BYN/day

Cage for  Sony Alpha A6600 UURig - frame for frame type cameras Sony A6600 model leaves open access to the camera interface, including a battery compartment, a slot for SD-cards, buttons and connection ports.

Executes a protective function in the camera enables the integration of different imaging systems. holes standard 1/4 'and 3/8' 'perimeter; connector "cold boot" at the top. Camera cell designed for SLR cameras Sony A6500, A6600, made of aluminum alloy.

It can supplement the camera with various accessories (including external monitor, microphone, flash) and to set the camera on a pillar, sliders, tripods holder, other structures. For this purpose a set of holes standard 1/4 'and 3/8' 'located at the cell perimeter and socket "cold boot" at the top. In addition, the frame has a protective function.

The camera is set to the inside thread 1/4 '', in this case remains open access to all of its ports, connectors and control buttons, including a slot for SD-card and the battery compartment . Thus, replacement of the battery and the memory card can be made without removing the camera from the frame.