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Set includes:
200 BYN/day

The Panasonic AG-HMX100 Mixer - is a compact, versatile digital audio and video mixer with integrated multi-format (HD and SD * 1) video switcher, sound mixer, frame synchronizer and digital effects unit. This device acts as a switch for audio and video, adds various effects and transmits signals without additional equipment. The Multi-View function displays all the source images on a single monitor, while the system configuration remains simple and error-free. The mixer is easily delivered, installed and dismantled at venues, and also features low-cost operation.

All this simplifies the work of users. A large number of SDI (HD / SD), PC (DVI-I), and HDMI (HD only) input connectors, versatile digital effects, and easy-to-use matrix menu controls combined with advanced features such as the ability to control Panasonic * 2 professional projectors allow set up an inexpensive system that can be used to solve a wide range of tasks - from direct relaying and broadcasting to the release of video products. Thanks to its dual SDI * 3 input connectors, the AG-HMX100 can also act as a 3D video switch. By combining this model with several three-dimensional cameras and projectors, you can use it as a direct switching system for three-dimensional images when creating inexpensive and easy-to-use systems for broadcasting and releasing three-dimensional video products