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Set includes:
55 BYN/day

Lens Carl Zeiss 18mm f/3.5 Distagon T* ZE - this ultra wide lens, which is ideal for capturing impressive moments with a spectacular perspective. Distagon T * 3,5 / 18 gives you a high quality image over the entire range of focal lengths and uses the construction with floating elements in order to guarantee stability of excellent quality on the entire focusing range from 0.3 m to infinity.

The optimal absorption of reflections combined with enlightenment Carl Zeiss T * makes it possible to capture great shots even in low light. High contrast contours remain on the images without color distortion due to optimum color reproduction. Even combined with a digital SLR camera with a sensor such as the DX, this lens is characterized by a focal length of 27 mm wide-angle offering interesting prospects. Distagon T * 3,5 / 18 serves Bayonet EF (ZE), bayonet F (ZF) and a bayonet fastening K (ZK). In addition, it is ideal for landscape, architectural and advertising photography.