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20 BYN/day
Aputure Light Dome III 90 cm softbox is an innovative solution in the world of lighting equipment, representing a completely new folding mechanism. This mechanism ensures maximum compactness during storage and transportation, turning the softbox into a thin and convenient accessory. Compared to previous versions, the new Light Dome III is equipped with reinforced spokes made of high-quality steel, which ensures stability of shape even during long-term use. With quick deployment in just a few movements, it is ideal for location shoots in remote locations. The softbox's unique 32-angle shape creates an almost ideal surface for light diffusion. Unlike its 16-spoke competitors, the Light Dome III provides softer, more natural lighting, ideal for shooting subjects with glossy and reflective surfaces. The softbox comes with fabric honeycombs that limit the light scattering angle to 40°. This allows you to create more contrasting lighting with pronounced highlights and deep shadows, adding additional dynamics to your shots.