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Set includes:
25 BYN/day
Genaray SP-E-360B 30W 3200-5600K LED Panel - is a bi-color LED panel, with a color temperature from 3200K to 5600K. Light intensity also changes from 0 to 100% with no color change or flicker. SpectroLED Essential 360 offers 60 ° beam angle and high CRI. The panel measures 29.84 x 29.84 x 6.6 cm and weighs only 1.13 kg and thanks to its slim body can be placed in places inaccessible to traditional luminaires. Another advantage of using this panel is its low power consumption. The device consumes only 30 W, but produces many times more. If you need more power, the panels can be joined together with up to 3 panels using a separate mount. You can even daisy chain multiple devices using a separately rented SP-E-MLC Multi Link cable that allows one master to control the color and light intensity of others. The panel is powered not only from the 220V network, but also from V-Mount batteries using a V-mount.