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Set includes:
35 BYN/day
Video tripod Manfrotto 546B/MVH502A Fluid Head - is a professional tripod system designed for video, cameras, dslr, lenses weighing up to 7 kg. The entire tripod system consists of a 75mm MVH502A hemispherical fluid head with a 546B tripod and a center distributor. The MVH502 has a 3.9 kg pre-installed counterweight but can handle loads up to 7 kg. It is equipped with two Easy Link connectors, allowing you to attach an external monitor or other optional equipment directly to your head. The 546B is a two-stage tripod with a built-in 75mm bowl. The mid-level telescopic distributor on the tripod helps to precisely set the angles of the legs Spiked feet and rubber heels are designed to provide a solid ground on both smooth floors and uneven surfaces. Supplied with a soft carrying bag.