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Projection screen Classic Libra 180x180cm New
Set includes:
20 BYN/day

Projection screen Classic Libra 180x180cm - a mobile projection screen on a tripod for a projector. Format 1:1, size 180*180 cm, diagonal 255/100", white matte reflective canvas. The canvas is fixed at any height. Renting a multimedia projector without a projection screen is a waste of money, because the screen is not only a canvas to display information transmitted by the projector, but also a tool to increase the brightness, contrast and clarity of the image due to a special coating and a black frame around the screen.Another advantage of using the screen is its mobility - location anywhere in the room to create a convenient image viewing. screens, it is possible to adjust the location of the canvas in height both from above and below, so you can easily adjust the screen to the size of the projected image.Using our services, you can easily rent a projection screen in Minsk with delivery at a convenient time and place for you.

Features of the Classic Libra projection screen:

- durable steel frame orpus;
- seamless canvas MW, GB or HCG;
- setting the desired format;
- changing the height within the specified limits;
- adjusting the trapezoid by tilting the fabric;
- an additional cover for long-term storage and transportation.