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Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K MFT - this is a broadcasting camera for live broadcast in Ultra HD. Interface 12G-SDI, 10-inch viewfinder, lens mount the MFT, support for formats up to 2160p60, presence status indication and two-way communication.

Blackmagic Studio Camera ultracompact broadcast camera with the largest screen.
Blackmagic Studio camera - the most modern broadcast cameras for live. Featuring an incredibly durable and lightweight magnesium alloy body, it is equipped with 10-inch viewfinder and connectors with phantom power for microphones. It provides two-way communication and the status indicator, and SDI-interface and the ability to install the optical module to connect to the switcher via a single cable. You can choose from two models of Blackmagic Studio Camera for HD or Ultra HD, both of which support all of the features required for multi-television production and broadcasting.

The camera, designed to work on the air
The ideal camera for broadcast from a studio or with
scene is now a multi-chamber broadcast live air can be conducted from anywhere. Large and bright viewfinder, combined with compact size makes Blackmagic Studio Camera ideal solution for the production of talk shows, sitcoms, newscasts, and even broadcast live concerts and sporting events. Extremely light weight camera, folding hood and the possibility of different lenses allow to fit in one case all the equipment necessary for the organization of multi-camera broadcast. Through a simple set up and ease of use Blackmagic Studio Camera is perfect for a corporate video, worship, use in schools and for many other purposes.

The unique design
advanced technology and rugged design compact size

The robust magnesium alloy body and use Blackmagic Studio Camera advanced technology is the most advanced of the portable studio cameras. Large 10-inch viewfinder with sun hood provides optimum playback and control, and MFT lens mount allows the use of larger lenses than any other studio camera. Having multiple mounting holes and a professional level interface allows you to connect essential equipment. Featuring a compact design and broad functionality, Blackmagic Studio Camera ranked first in the number of machines designed for multi broadcast live.

HD and Ultra HD
resolution four times higher than 1080 HD

Ultra HD is the future of television broadcasting standard, and the material in the 4K format is already available to users Internet resources such as YouTube and Vimeo. Ultra HD image in a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is four times higher than 1080 HD. Only Blackmagic Studio Camera provides the fastest transfer material in Ultra HD 4K to record a broadcast program, whether it is a news release, a sporting event or a theatrical performance.

Lens mount Micro Four Thirds
support the best lenses for television

The Blackmagic Studio Camera provides an active lens mount Micro Four Thirds, which is compatible with the widest range of lenses and adapters. To work on small projects or in a hospital can be used fotooptiku, and for large-scale live events - professional lenses. Third-party adapters allow you to install any required lenses including PL mount lenses, allowing the camera to cope with the broadcast of the major event.

The large 10-inch screen Full HD
excellent detail

Blackmagic Studio Camera Viewfinder has the largest in the world. Massive 10-inch high-resolution display provides an extremely wide viewing angle and field of view, allowing you to see the tiniest details of framing, focus, change the aperture settings and other parameters, including the work on the air. In addition, it is possible to reflect the focusing mark, change camera settings and view the return video. LCD are durable and will enjoy an exceptionally high quality images even in the brightest sunlight.

Input and output via the optical interface
transmission of video and audio, two-way communication signals and display a great distance Blackmagic Studio Camera allows the optical module installation, which allows you to use a single thin cable for connecting cameras to switchers essential. The interface is able to simultaneously handle HD- or Ultra HD-video with embedded audio and intercom signals, indicating and controlling the camera in the remote mode. With the help of a standard optical fiber connection can transfer images from the camera installed at a large distance from the broadcast studio, including in places of large public events.

Two-way communication
Support professional headset

Blackmagic Studio Camera supports two-way communication mode that provides the dialogue between the operator and the crew at all stages of production. This mode is intended for use by professional aviation headsets, ensuring better sound quality and noise reduction can significantly reduce costs. Two-way communication is carried out via a fiber optic or SDI-interface, which eliminates the need for a separate cable.

Built-in display
Work on the air

Blackmagic Studio Camera supports the status display, which is used in the line of switchers essential ATEM. Corresponding SDI-signal comes from all video outputs on the ATEM Blackmagic Studio Camera with the software image. Indication is automatically activated when the camera image is displayed in ether and stored at application of signals of several cameras. Thanks to the LEDs on the front panel and on the viewfinder and the leading transmission operator with the crew will always know which camera transmits video broadcast.

broadcast-quality professional-level interfaces to broadcast around the clock

camera is equipped with interfaces broadcast class, including SDI and slot for an optional optical module that allows you to connect to essential switcher and recorder. There is a connector for a professional headset and XLR microphones, and all connections are made with the right and left sides of the body. Thanks to this equipment for Blackmagic Studio Camera does not need to purchase special expensive cables.

Built-in control panel
Easy access to the most important settings

buttons located below the viewfinder provide quick and easy access to the most important controls. With a tap, you can change the aperture and focus, enable two-way communication, or view the feedback signal. Dedicated buttons let you switch between film and video, to show the boundaries of the image and open the menu to change settings. With this control the camera is incredibly easy and convenient.

The camera is controlled remotely
mode Full control switcher

Now you can control the camera from a distance! To this end, Blackmagic Studio Camera Work in a remote location where the control is carried out with ether ATEM switcher via the SDI interface. The camera also supports full primary color setting using DaVinci Resolve, that allows you to adjust the color balance to create material. On-air switcher can control all camera settings, including color and lens control settings. This means that all the attention will be focused on the creative side of the process!

Blackmagic 3G-SDI Arduino Shield
& nbsp; The ability to develop custom solutions

module Blackmagic 3G-SDI Arduino Shield allows everyone to create their own configuration for remote control of cameras Blackmagic Design . It is built based on the Arduino - an open architecture platform, which is one of the most affordable means of automated systems. The control commands are generated by the code and are transmitted together with the 3G-SDI signal. This makes it possible to independently develop solutions to use Blackmagic Studio Camera and URSA Mini shooting remotely.

External or built-in microphones

Professional sound from the camera to create programs that require a live sound, you can use the built-in stereo microphone or connect via XLR-connectors external microphones. This functionality provides the highest quality live sound, which is especially important when covering sporting events. The camera automatically embeds the audio track of a video signal for transmission to the sound module in the switcher ATEM.

View video software
Conclusion software image on the viewfinder

just one click Blackmagic Studio Camera button to see the signal from the broadcasting switcher. Use the PGM viewfinder turns into a large SDI-monitor, which displays the software image. Software SDI input can be used to view video from the recorder HyperDeck, when Blackmagic Studio Camera used for recording the transfer.

A wide range of accessories
own configuration based on the Blackmagic Studio Camera

The Blackmagic Studio Camera has everything you need for the production of programs on the air. However, the camera allows you to use a wide range of accessories such as large lenses and professional tripods. Thanks to the standard interfaces, multiple mounting holes and compatibility with different camera lens can be fitted with additional equipment, depending on the specific project requirements.