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25 BYN/day
FlashCanon Speedlite 580EX II - is a new version of the Canon 580EX flash that has proven itself in both single use and multiple flash control. With a guide number of 58, the portable and compact Canon 580EX II is powerful enough for both bounce flash and telephoto use. E-TTL II ensures error-free and consistent exposure in any situation. For greater control or for creative purposes, the flash output can be manually set in 1/3-stop increments, changing the power ratio from 1/1 to 1/128. The flash head has a zoom range of 24 - 105mm, and 14mm when using the built-in wide-flash adapter. P When used with a compatible EOS DSLR, the Canon 580EX II automatically detects the size of the camera sensor and zooms to the flash head for optimal scene illumination. This minimizes power consumption and shortens recharge times. The Canon 580EX II can act as a remote master flash unit to control three groups of Canon EX series slave flash units. E-TTL or manual flash exposure control allows you to create a portable studio with complex lighting schemes. When used with a compatible DSLR camera, the Speedlite 580EX II transmits color temperature information to it, ensuring accurate white balance in all conditions. A stroboscopic flash for creative photography of moving subjects works with a single Canon 580EX II flash unit or in combination with multiple flash units. The flash frequency is adjustable from 1-199 Hz depending on the desired effect. When used with a compatible camera, all flash control options, including power settings, wireless flash operation, and all 14 Custom Functions, can be configured from the camera menu.