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15 BYN/day
SmallRig 4299 MC4 Cage is a universal cage for smartphones. 4 shoes and 1/4"-20 sockets located around the entire perimeter of the cage allow you to install additional accessories for videography: microphones, lights, handles, tripods, etc. The cage features a magnetic mount compatible with Apple MagSafe: during quiet shooting you can don't even need to use a phone clip. Thanks to the quick-release mount, you can pull out your phone in a couple of movements to answer a call or write a message. The position of the phone can be slightly adjusted to the right / left if you need to, for example, connect a charging cable to it. The cage supports phones with a width from 62.5 to 87 mm and a thickness of up to 15 mm, that is, you can easily install the phone in a protective case.