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Set includes:
20 BYN/day
The Aputure Lantern China Ball softbox - has a spherical shape and looks like a traditional Chinese lantern. The diffuser is designed to soften the illumination when working with high-power LED video light and provides uniform coverage at 270 °. The design provides for quick preparation of the softbox for work, after shooting it is also easily folded for transportation. The angle and direction of the luminous flux can be changed by using the special four-piece skirt made of light-transmitting fabric included in the package. All sections have an internal reflective surface and are independent of each other, it is possible to raise or lower any of the curtains, thereby adjusting the required lighting. The diffuser is equipped with a Bowens mount and is compatible with many models of LED sources, for example, it will fit any Aputure Light Storm COB fixture. The weight of the whole set is 2.76 kg. Dimensions in working condition 650x650x560 mm, assembled 180x180x810 mm.