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Set includes:
280 BYN/day

Cooke 100mm T/2.3 Anamorphic/i Prime Lens - this 100mm Anamorphic/i Prime lens is one of Cooke's extensive Anamorphic/i series, a 75mm prime lens equipped with 11- bladed diaphragm to create cinematic oval bokeh with a 2:1 aspect ratio. Designed for use with both digital cinema and film cameras, Cooke Anamorphic/i prime lenses provide 2x compression and cover image formats up to Super 35. For maximum optical performance, aberration, flare and distortion correction extends to the entire image area, and throughout the T2.3-22 aperture range

Each Anamorphic/i Prime lens is equipped with both a PL mount and a cable connection using Cooke/i technology to transfer lens data to compatible cameras. Lens setting data, including focal length, aperture, focus, and depth of field, is provided in both feet and metric units.

The Anamorphic/i Prime 75mm lens has a minimum focus distance of 0.8m. The lens is equipped with a 0.8x focus ring and aperture rings for use with post-focus, zoom control and wireless F/I/Z systems. Large lens barrel, increased number of focus marks and Cook's focus cam movement ensure precise focusing.