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Set includes:
5 BYN/day

Wireless Remote Smart Remote for GoPro Hero 4 - is specifically designed to control your GoPro remotely at distances up to 180 meters. Smart Remote for Remote GoPro Wi-Fi (ARMTE-002) - Figure 1 Using the Smart Remote take photos, start / stop video recording, power on / off and adjust the settings.

Remote Smart Remote for GoPro Wi-Fi (ARMTE-002) - Figure 2 When used with cameras HERO5 Black, Session5, HERO4, Session, you can also access the Tag Settings / button to mark highlights during recording and quickly select the settings for your current shooting mode. Remote control for Smart Remote GoPro Wi-Fi (ARMTE-002)

Remote is portable and provides complete control and 50 cameras simultaneously - ideal for multi shots. Battery capacity is increased by 40% compared with the remote control Wi-Fi Remote. Quick setup parameters and highlights video tags allow you to play back and edit the footage (for HERO5 Black and HERO4 Silver cameras). Built-in LCD-display shows the status of your camera for a quick confirmation of settings and features.

The console can be mounted on your sports equipment for quick, easy access: just fix it on the keys, zippers and other equipment using the supplied remote control transmitter or wear like a watch using a wrist strap.

Remote Smart Remote for GoPro Wi-Fi (ARMTE-002) - Figure 4. All the information from the camera's LCD display is duplicated on the integrated remote screen. Waterproof case allows remote dive with a depth of 10 meters.